LociMAKE-Calendarimage : The Outlaw, Timber Rollercoaster in Missouri, USA

06/09 SUN:            Arrival 
PM:  Arrive at Hooke Park for meet, greet and welcome drink in the Westminster Lodge.

07/09 MON:           Workshop in Steam Bending
AM:  Introduction to Course, Workshop Tutors and Technicians.
PM:  Workshop in steam bending.

08/09 TUE:             Workshop in Component Fabrication
AM:  Scaled Component model making workshop
PM:  Component fabrication

09/09 WED:            Workshop in Joinery and Framing
AM:  Workshop in Joinery without metal fixings.
PM:  Joinery.

10/09 THU:            Workshop in Assembly and Finishing
AM:  Workshop in Assembly and Finishing
PM:  Assembly and Finish.

11/09 FRI:               Review
PM:  Tea Party for invited Architects, Artists, Expert fabricators.

12/09 SAT:           Departure
AM: Depart Hooke Park.


These dates are indicative and may change before and during the event.  Participants will receive more precise details when they have enrolled and paid for the course.