LociMake-Participant-InformationAerial Photograph of Hooke Park and Surrounding Geography

Transport: LociMAKE participants need to arrange their own transport to and from Hooke Park. Maps and directions are available here.

For participants traveling by train, from London, we provide a mini-bus pick-up from Crewkerne station meeting the following trains:

Arriving:  Sunday 06/09/15 from London Waterloo Station at 16:15 to Crewkerne at 18:52.

Departing: Saturday 01/08/15 from Crewkerne Station at 12:19 to London Waterloo at 14:49.

Participants travelling by train at other times will need to arrange their own taxis to Hooke Park.  Local Taxi services include Beaminster Taxis : 01308 862 894 and Craig’s Taxi : 01308 861 000 .  The nearest stations to Hooke Park are Crewkerne and Dorchester South.  Train Tickets can be purchased online from www.southwesttrains.co.uk.

Participants may also bring their own cars to Hooke Park – free car parking available on site.

The Hooke Park mini-bus is available for scheduled evening events.

Clothing: The nights can be cold and the English weather is often wet, so bring suitably warm and waterproof clothing. Also, we will be working in the outdoors and in the woods, so bring strong shoes/boots and some rough/old clothing to work in.  Necessary safety gear is provided.

Computing and Internet:  Computing facilities are available in the workshop studio. Participants are requested to bring their own laptops if required. Wi-fi is available in the campus buildings.