AA School Life 2014-2015AA LociMAKE 2015  : Hatters Picnic – photo by VB

AA LociMAKE 2015 : Hatters Picnic is an intensive, five-day, opportunity to engage in a live architecture project at Hooke Park that will fuse traditional and innovative woodworking techniques developed by regional master craftsmen and furniture makers living and working in Dorset.  The master craftsmen are asked to engage with the Hatter – Hooke Parks new Robot Arm – to test, explore and create innovative techniques from traditional steam bending, joinery and carving methods that they have developed.  The resultant designed and constructed 1:1 architecture is a Hatter’s Picnic to which expert makers from Dorset and beyond will be invited to feast from at the end of the course.  

The title ‘LociMAKE’ originates from the expression ‘Genius-Loci’ meaning ‘Spirit of the Place’ and for one week only, Jim Tory of Tory Furniture and Peter Southall of Itre Workshop will combine their insights and knowledge towards an architecture built from pioneering woodworking techniques based on traditional advanced craft.  Participants will be taught hands-on classes exploring methods such as steam bending, carving and joinery techniques to create a 1:1 architecture designed to tests the limits of the craftsmen’s skills.  Participants will experience the complete cycle of design, sourcing timber, joinery and construction to enjoying the finished architecture sited in the Hooke Park Forrest.