Hatters tea partyimage : Abigail Larson

The Agenda for LociMAKE 2015 is the Hatters Tea Party Picnic.   Master-craftsman from Dorset are invited to fuse traditional and innovative timber fabrications techniques to build the Hatter’s Tea Party Picnic.  Specialising in steam-bent joinery techniques the course will have regular masterclasses in traditional woodworking techniques along side cutting edge techniques by fusing the Hooke Park robot arm into the fabrication process.

The brief is to design and construct steam-bent furniture for the Hatter’s picnic party using traditional and digital techniques to evaluate what a contemporary tea party should aspire to be.  The workshop culminates in a Tea Party with invited leading practitioners and teachers of architecture from the AA School of Architecture, Dorset and beyond to discuss the value of traditional craft and the necessity to innovate and muse on how the architecture of a tea party might be achieved through traditional and innovative digital techniques.